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About Me


I graduated from college with a B.A. in Art and Experimental Curriculum. After graduating, I had several illustration and design assignments in various mid-western communities that encompassed medical illustration, childrens' illustrations, animation, clip art and product graphics. I also created traditional works of fine art and was the recipient of several wildlife stamp and print awards.

Through my work I strive to achieve focus, clarity and understanding for complex problems using simple visuals and illustrative techniques. 

Today I work mostly with Photoshop, Painter, SketchBookPro and Illustrator but always rely on my experience using traditional medias. My new "traditional" technique is a blend of old and new - drawn and rendered by hand and painted digitally.

My subject matter includes the natural world, medical, how to projects, science, education, editorial illustrations, logo design, wild and domestic animals, advertising design, graphics and branding. Clients past and present include: Storey Publishing, Countryside, Equus, Rural Heritage, Backyard Poultry, Bee Culture, Pheasants Forever, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, American Riding Instructors Association, Westinghouse Learning Corporation, North American Trail Ride Conferecne, Trail Blazer Magazine, and University of Iowa Hospitals.

I enjoy working on personal projects and learning new techniques and methods from other artists I admire. If I am not working on a project, my own or a client's, I am studying and learning.

Horses are a central focus of my life: training, riding, studying, painting and drawing. I imprinted at an early age on the horses running across the movie and television screens and was lucky enough to move to an area where actually owning horses was possible and near a grandfather that was an enabler. I have traveled cross-country horseback or by horse and wagon several times.



My Philosophy

There is always room for improvement and the business of art is a lifetime of learning and discovery. There will never be a need to retire from doing something you love.

My Equipment

Good tools equal good craftmanship.

I work on a variety of Macintosh computers, a Wacom Cintique 22HD and use PhotoShop, Illustrator and Painter for most projects. A Nikon digital camera, various large and regular format ink jet printers, a scanner and files full of papers and art supplies compliment the art studio.

Bethany Caskey is a freelance Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.