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Attention to Detail

I have the tools, techniques, time, imagination, attitude and knowledge to complete assignments on time and within budget. [...]

Ad Design

Aesthetically-pleasing advertisements that complement the products. Collaboration with vendors ensures style consistency with other marketing materials.



Jobs are priced based on complexity and time-frame. Rush work will be charged at a higher rate, as my schedule will be altered to accommodate your request. Generally, I can provide a quote based on the job specifications and a sample of illustration complexity. I often give a range of prices to cover simple, moderate and complex artwork.


The creation of a commissioned work of fine art is unique. It combines the talents and insights of the artist with the visions and goals of the customer. There will never be another work created just the same from this combination of talents. This uniqueness will make the work more valuable over time, not only for the original commissioner, but for all collectors of fine art. Click here for a downloadable price list.

Once Upon a Time...

The VIntage Show Company



Joe Mischka

Editor and Publisher
Rural Heritage Magazine

Bethany is an extremely creative, capable and thorough writer. She has a lot of experience and knowledge herself and is also very good at drawing out information from a variety of other sources. Her copy is always very well prepared and researched and she works well under deadline pressure. And finally, she is one of the best illustrators I have ever worked with. If, in the future, you are in need of a freelancer to handle a story she is a great choice. I try to keep her busy but I suspect she would be able to take on a few more assignments as well.

Gail Damerow

I don't know how you plan to illustrate this article, so I'd like to suggest illustrator Bethany Caskey, who illustrates my (and other) books published by Storey. She has also illustrated features and covers for Rural Heritage and Equus magazines. As an illustrator she is known for her attention to detail, flexibility, and fast turn-around -- which seems pertinent, here, given this article's unusually short deadline.

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